Okay, let’s be honest: your lawn has seen better days. After a long, hard winter and lots of cold weather, your grass is probably closer to lemon-colored than it is lush. But the first step to finding a yard maintenance solution is identifying the problems that started the decay in the first place.

Thanks to more than thirty years of experience in the lawn care industry, the professionals at Restoration Landscape Co. have figured out the primary contributors to gnarly-looking yards, as well as the surefire solutions that are bound to beautify every acre until it sparkles with dewdrops like an emerald. 

Reason 1: Fungus Among Us

Even with a fungicide treatment, it’s totally possible that a fungal problem has overtaken your once lush lawn. And if your yard is already yellowing or browning, don’t bother trying to apply another. In most cases, fungus disease doesn’t show symptoms in grass until it’s already fairly advanced and the grass is close to dead, so applying a fungicide is like performing CPR on a fish that’s been out of water for a month. 

There is a remedy, though! You might not like the answer, but the solution is as simple as prevention. You’ll want to work with a landscape professional that can spot and diagnose the signs of fungus disease before it’s crossed over to the side of irreversibility. If you’ve been slacking on the TLC for your lawn and fear it’s already too late, then a re-sodding might be in order.

Reason 2: Curses, Soiled Again!

Compacted soil is one of the most common culprits of a yucky yard, no matter how closely you followed that eHow article when you were first planting. The more you walk on a lawn, the more pressure the soil endures, and the more tightly packed it becomes. Even the hardiest of grass species aren’t immune to the chronic foot-fall of your son’s pee wee soccer team. 

But as with any first-world problem, there’s a pretty simple solution. Take a deep breath and let it out nice and slow. See, doesn’t that feel good? Now imagine how your lawn must feel since you haven’t aerated it since you got that DIY aerator at a White Elephant party back in 2007. Stop suffocating your grass! Let the plant babies breathe. Aerate at least twice per year. And if you’re not sure how to do it or you’re just in touch with your inner sense of laziness, we’ve got you covered at Restoration Landscaping Co. 

Reason 3: Grub Hub

No, not talking about the overpriced app. Grubs are these small little beetle larvae monsters that live in soil and gorge themselves on your smorgasbord of tasty lawn roots. When lawn roots get eaten by grubby gobs, guess what happens? Yep, the grass dies and looks grody. And then your significant other complains and it becomes this whole big thing and nobody wants to sleep on the couch so it’s much easier simply to control your grubs before they become a problem.

Here’s how you do it: during the more temperate months of the year, such as those in spring or autumn, you’ll need to apply a combination of water and bulbous little nematodes — yeah, they’re real. But if you have a queasy stomach like I did when writing that sentence, then you’ll want to call Restoration Landscaping Co. so they can get rid of your grubs before you end up in yet another lawn-related lover’s quarrel.

Reason 4: It’s Fido’s Fault

If you have a dog, their bathroom habits might be to blame for those brown spots on your lawn. Because dog urine contains high amounts of nitrogen, it has an acidic effect on the grass and damages it in a similar way to a bottom-shelf, low-quality fertilizer. But don’t consider taking Scruffy to the pound quite yet.

You can remedy the patches of peed-upon grass by “plugging” in strips of sod. Or you can just start from scratch and redo the entire yard because, let’s be honest, if you’ve read this far, your yard is probably in pretty bad shape.


You don’t have to get rid of your dog and you certainly don’t need to sleep on the couch — again. You can avoid a lot of heartache and elevated cortisol levels simply by picking up your phone and getting in touch with your local Athens lawn care specialists. Call Restoration Landscape Co. today for a free consultation! We promise we won’t judge you for your lawn like your neighbor does.