Weed control is essential to the health and wellness of your lawn, as well as your fall lawn care routine. Weeds are a nuisance in your yard. They grow quickly, crowding out grass and other plants. They also rob your lawn of the vital nutrients it needs to flourish. Fortunately, there is a way to keep the weed population down in your yard, and it all comes down to prevention. If you want to get ahead of the weeds next year come spring and summer, fall weed control is a must. In our last blog post, we shared some important fall lawn care tips, one of them being getting rid of any weeds in your lawn. We would like to water that topic a little more by sharing a few tips from our Athens lawn care professionals that will help you eliminate fall weeds, neutralize weed seeds, and protect your lawn against next year’s spring weeds.

Weed Control Tips For Your Athens Lawn

As we mentioned in one of our past blogs, there are a variety of tough-to-control weeds that may re-emerge, which is why fall weed control so important in Athens, GA. Typically, these are broadleaf weeds, a very specific and diverse category of weeds. Broadleaf weeds come many different sizes and shapes, however, one trait they do have in common lie in the leaves.

How To Identify Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf weeds have wide leaves. They have a large main vein down the center of it and a web-like array of smaller veins branching off from that. Some common types of broadleaf leaves include thistle, dandelions, chicory, clover, and more. 

With the proper weed control methods, it is easy to wean out these pesky weeds. This will give your lawn access to more sunlight, water, and nutrients, making for a healthier, happier, and greener grass.

Weed Control For The Fall

The fall is the time of year when weeds begin to seed. Their seeds drop into your lawn and then wait until next spring to pop up over take your lawn. Fortunately, you can stop those seeds from ever sprouting with pre-emergent weed control. Pre-emergent weed control is a spray application that is applied to your lawn in the fall and early spring. This spray creates a barrier over your lawn that will kill off any winter weeds in your lawn and prevent the emergence of new weeds by neutralizing the weed seeds before they ever have a chance to sprout.

One thing to keep in mind is that pre-emergent weed sprays do not work on weeds that have already sprouted. If you already have weeds in your lawn, then you will want to use a post-emergent weed control to eliminate those. Then, you’ll want to follow up with a pre-emergent weed spray to stop any new weeds from sprouting up. If you are going to attempt DIY weed control, remember some of the reasons why your efforts may not be working. Instead, it is best to work with a landscaping company. Lawn care professionals will know which weed control methods are best and when to apply them, giving you the best results. 

Trust The Athens Lawn Care Experts At Restoration Landscape Company

Keeping your lawn healthy all year long means investing in effective weed control services, and that is what you get when you hire Restoration Landscape. Letting our experts tend to your lawn this time of your will certainly lessen the workload when temperatures start to rise again. If you are interested in weed control or other lawn services in Athens, contact us to get a free estimate.