We are well into fall, and while the days are shorter, you can still enjoy a beautiful lawn if you properly care for it! Fall is not only the time of year for football, apple cider, and pumpkin-flavored treats, it is also the time of year that homeowners need to begin preparing their lawns and gardens for winter. If you are the one who takes pride in a lush, green lawn in the springtime, then be aware that there should be a few weekend tasks on your to-do list to prepare your lawn for a cooler temperatures that come with the winter season winter. Below, our Athens landscaping experts share some important tips to implement into your lawn care efforts this fall. 

Rake Up The Leaves

As we creep towards the winter and the temperatures begin to drop, the leaves will soon change to a variety of reds, oranges, and yellows — the autumn hues are truly a beautiful sight! Enjoy the beautiful colors while they last, though, because they will eventually begin to fall and cover your yard. And, while a carpet of autumn leaves may look nice and be fun to pile up and jump into, they don’t do much good for your lawn. Fallen leaves block light and trap moisture, which can really take a toll on the grass lying beneath. Therefore, when the leaves begin to fall, keep up with raking them as much as you can. If you want to speed things up, invest in a blower. Even after the trees are stripped of their leaves and left bare, continue raking out the corners of your yard where wind creates a collection of leaves. Failing to do so will cause the grass beneath that soggy, decaying blanket of dead leaves to die. You certainly don’t want to start the spring off with dead spots in your lawn, do you?! 

Continue Mowing At The Proper Height

If you think that the fall is when mowing season ends until starting back up in the springtime, think again! While your lawn won’t require as much mowing compared to the summer months, it will still need to be mowed frequently. Grass continues to grow up to the first hard frost, which won’t come for a while, and so your lawn will need regular cutting to keep it at an ideal two and a half to three inch height. Keep in mind that, regardless of the grass type your lawn is made up of, never cut off more than a third of the grass blade at a time. Cutting off more than the recommended amount can risk lawn scalping and impedes the lawn’s ability to withstand the cold and dryness of the winter season.

Take Care Of Any Remaining Weeds

Hopefully by this time of year you have already won the battle against weeds in your yard. However, as you examine your lawn in the fall, you may notice that a few may have escaped your weed control efforts. There are many reasons why your weed control efforts may not be working, from not using the right weed control products to not watering your lawn enough, but whatever the reason, it is important to deal with them before the falling leaves and winter weather makes it more difficult for you to manage. Not only can it be more challenging to find and deal with weeds, but some weeds can be particularly aggressive and take over in the fall when your grass is less active. Of course, to effectively rid your yard of weeds, it is best to hire a lawn care company that specializes in weed control service. 

Don’t Forget About Lawn Aeration

Over time, the soil in your yard becomes compacted, reducing the air pockets that enable nutrients and water to reach the roots of your grass. The fall is ideal for lawn aeration because the air is cooler, yet the soil is still warm. Aeration is a process that involves perforating the lawn with tiny holes. When you aerate your lawn for the cooler temperatures of the winter months, you are allowing sun, nutrients, and air, to reach your soil, all of which help prevent lawn diseases from developing and spreading. 

Add Fertilizer

Speaking of nutrients, The fall season is a great time to fertilize your lawn. Lawn fertilization will help your grass get all the nutrients it needs to needs to stay healthy in the fall and come back vibrant and vigorously in the spring. While warm-season grasses only need a small dose of nitrogen to carry them throughout the winter, fertilization will ensure you have a healthy lawn when the temperatures begin to rise again.

Get Help From A Lawn Care Company 

If you really want your lawn to look it’s best during the final few months before winter, consider hiring a professional lawn care to handle the work for you. Lawn care professionals know the best practices to keep your lawn looking good throughout the fall, prepare it for the winter, and ensure it returns the spring green, thick, and healthy. From weed removal to shrub and tree pruning, experts know the fall lawn care services your yard needs.

Choose Restoration Landscape Company For Fall Lawn Care in Athens

By following these tips, you can ensure that your lawn looks great during the fall season and is prepared to face the cooler temperatures ahead. Again, for the best results, its best to hire a lawn care, and that’s Restoration Landscape Company. If you are interested in our lawn care services in Athens and the surrounding area, request an estimate today!