In a city like Athens, it’s important to practice effective yard maintenance year-round, but in the summertime, heat and other obligations can often impede your ability to get it done. When it comes to grass cutting, this is especially true. Even if you own a lawn mower, there isn’t always enough time in the day — or enough energy in your body — to get the machinery running and the blades trimmed to satisfaction. But everyone wants a healthy lawn to enjoy in summer months like these, and there’s a simple and beneficial way to achieve this with the help of a local landscaping company.

At Restoration Landscape Co., we pride ourselves on our decades of service to the Athens community, from our regular grass cutting services to our professional landscape design creations. If you want to keep your lawn in optimal shape for this season and many more to come, there’s little to lose and so much to gain with our yard care solutions. In this article, we’ll break down the top five reasons that so many Georgia homeowners trust and recommend our team of property management professionals for their grass cutting and landscaping edging needs. For more information, please contact us or visit our website today!

Top 4 Benefits of A Regular Grass Cutting Service:

  • Helps Grass Balance Out Nutrient distribution
  • Saves Money on Additional Maintenance
  • Improves appearance and property value
  • Saves you time and unnecessary stress

Balanced Blades, Better Health

When you regularly mow your lawn, the consistency of cutting keeps the height of grass blades uniform and even, helping to balance out distribution of resources both within and above the soil in which it grows. Although grass has a complex roots system with relatively efficient ability to transport nutrients, this efficacy diminishes when some areas of the grass are mowed less often or without the same degree of care. The blades of grass that are currently doing the best tend to fare better and encourage the roots system as a whole to grow and thrive when the playing field is leveled. A weekly or even a monthly lawn cutting service can achieve this effect, improving the health of your lawn not just for some sections, but eventually for all of them!

Saves Money on Maintenance

You may have noticed that when one section of your lawn is doing poorly, other areas of the yard start to follow suit. As you probably know, this is because the roots system of a grass plot is interconnected. In this way, it functions similarly to a power grid — if one main circuit board fails, you can expect blackouts in other panels to come soon after. 

By receiving a regular lawn cutting service, you can prevent the spread of dry or diseased grass. Not only does this improve the vitality of your lawn in the short term, but it also saves you money on reseeding, resodding, and other maintenance services that might become necessary if your grass’ health gets compromised. It’s much less expensive to pay for a proactive lawn care service than it is to pay for a plethora of them, so consider grass cutting as investment, and you’ll see how the financial benefits come into the equation. 

Improves Appearance And Property Value

A lush, healthy lawn is one of the most sought-after and admirable qualities of a property, especially in the Athens real estate market. Residents of Georgia take great pride in the greenness of our state, so whether you’re planning to sell your home or simply want your curb appeal to reflect your local pride, a grass cutting service can help you feel reassured that your property value is being cultivated at the same time. 

Saves You Time And Hassle

Yard care isn’t a task that everyone enjoys, but fortunately, it’s what we love to do at Restoration Landscape Co.! Rather than spending time this summer on tasks that detract from your enjoyment of the season or cause you unwanted stress and hassle, leave the job to our team of lawn care specialists, and we’ll be sure to show you what an effective yard maintenance system can do — not just for your property, but for your own peace of mind!

See Benefits Sooner — Call Our Landscapers Today!

The summer heat is in full effect in Athens, so there’s not a ton of time left to reverse the damage that high temperatures and dry soil may have caused to your yard. If you want to reap some or all of the benefits mentioned above, please reach out to our team of lawn care experts at Restoration Landscape Co.