1. Spring is just around the corner!

    It is time to begin getting your landscape beds ready for the spring. Plants need care and attention throughout the year. In this video we share how to cut back ornamental grasses. January, in the south, is a great time to trim back your ornamental grasses. We are here to help you if you are not sure what to do to get your landscape ready for spring. Give Restoration Landscape Company a call at 70…Read More

  2. How much does it cost to have your grass cut by a professional company?

    For so many different reasons, life is busy: maybe you just bought a new home, have physical restrictions, have a young family or you just don’t have the time. Do you find yourself asking what you could do with all of the extra time if you did not have to care for your yard, but wonder if that service would fit in your budget? If you have never had a lawn care service, then this is likely one of…Read More

  3. Leaf Cleanup and Tips

    Everything you need to know to keep your yard looking great through the fall. Crisp air, clear skies, watching the Dawgs on Saturdays, and homemade chili are a sure sign of one of our favorite times to live in Athens, GA. While walking campus or driving around, you can’t help but to enjoy seeing the beautiful color of the leaves. Those fall colors are a welcomed sight for many, but that joy quic…Read More