When it comes to lawn care in Athens, GA, nothing gets in the way of a beautiful lawn and landscape than unsightly weeds. Weeds popping up throughout the season are an eyesore and they are sure to take away from the overall beauty — and the enjoyment — of your lawn. 

Even if you have went on Google and searched ‘the best way to remove weeds’, there always seems to be some stubborn weeds that just won’t go away. Of course, not knowing how to get rid of weeds in your yard is sure to cause some frustration. The truth is, there are a variety of reasons why weeds may stick around in your lawn. But don’t worry, our lawn care experts are here to share our expertise. 

Reasons Why Weeds Are Sticking Around In Your Yard

At Restoration Landscape, our Athens landscape company specializes in weed control service. We know the best way to weed out the weeds, so to speak. And because summer is a time when your landscape should be enjoyed, in this two-part blog, we are going to share some of the most common reasons why you may be having a difficult time getting rid of weeds in your yard.

Reason #1: You Are Not Using The Right Weed Control Products

First things first, in order to effectively rid your lawn of weeds, you need to be using the right weed control products. It is common for people to try the DIY weed control approach, which typically involves using a granular product or over-the-counter liquid products that can be found at your home improvement stores. While some of these approaches may get rid of weeds for the time being, they are nowhere near as effective as the professional weed control products that our landscape company uses. If you do opt for the DIY approach, keep in mind there are some factors that will complicate the process, and unfortunately, there is a lot of room for error there. Your best bet is to use professional-grade applications. However, even if you hire a professional weed control service, it is important to confirm which applications they use in their program.

Reasons #2: Some Weeds Can’t Be Controlled Selectively

When it comes to weed control, it can be broken down into two product categories: selective weed control and non-selective weed control. For the most part, selective weed control will control one group of weeds without causing harm to the surrounding turfgrass. Non-selective weed control, on the other hand, targets all vegetation, meaning it will kill weeds, but it will also kill the turfgrass, too. 

In order to keep the grass in your lawn green, healthy, and vibrant, your best bet is to choose selective weed control. Common lawn weeds, such as dandelions, crabgrass, and clover, can be controlled with selective methods. However, there are some invasive weeds, such as Bermudagrass, that cannot be controlled selectively. This could be a reason why using certain weed control products or methods are not giving you the results you need. 

Reason #3: You Aren’t Treating At The Proper Time

Most people are not aware, but in order to get rid of weeds you must target them at the right time. There are is a wide range of different weed types, many of them germinating at different times of the year, and getting rid of them takes more than one application of weed control products a season. The reality is, it needs to be a year-round, comprehensive approach that involves multiple different products. 

In a climate like Athens, trouble spring weeds include clovers and dandelions, while summer typically brings the emergence of crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds. In the fall, a variety of weeds may re-emerge and the cycle of weed growth can begin to feel never-ending, particularly with tough-to-control weeds, such as ground ivy. Keep in mind, most weed types require more than a one-and-done type of treatment — they require repeated weed control efforts. Additionally, weed control efforts are most effective when the targeted weeds are treated during active growth, as weed control products are more easily translocated throughout the entire plant. Because of this, it is vital that weed control efforts are done at the right time. If you, or the professional weed control service you have hired, aren’t switching up products based on season, then you are probably not going to eliminate weeds from your lawn.

Reason #4: Your Lawn is Too Thin

What’s more unappealing than a lawn with weeds? How about a thinned out lawn with weeds? Having a thinned out lawn is not only an eyesore, but it is also a hot spot for weeds. Weeds thrive in thin or bare areas on your lawn where they don’t have to compete with healthy grass for the sunlight that is needed to grow. The best way to combat this issue is by having lawn care services performed to promote a thick and healthy lawn. For example, having overseeding or lawn fertilization performed at the time of aeration will encourage the thick, healthy growth of turfgrass, which naturally will choke out weeds. 

Reason #5: You Are Not Mowing Your Lawn Correctly

Many people are surprised when they learn that their mowing habits have a significant influence on how difficult it can be to rid their lawns of weeds. Mowing your lawn too short creates conditions that are favorable for weed growth. As mentioned, opportunistic weeds, like crabgrass, thrive in thinned out areas of your lawn, as they are provided with more access to sunlight. To prevent this, our lawn care company recommends mowing to a height of at least 3.5 inches. Mowing your lawn at this length will help your soil retain more moisture for your grass and help prevent weeds from emerging. 

Sick of mowing your lawn? Our Athens lawn mowing services ensure that your lawn is cut perfectly.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why you may have difficulty trying to rid your lawn of weeds — and we still have more to share in our next blog post! While weeds can cause a lot of frustration, they do not have to. By hiring opting for our professional weed control service, our lawn care experts can you can get on the right path to a healthy and thick lawn. By using specially-formulated chemicals that will prevent new weeds from growing, we can help keep the weeds out of your lawn and off your mind. To receive a free estimate for weed control or any of our other landscaping services, contact the team at Restoration Landscaping today!