Winter is the best time to cut back your overgrown roses. Roses need space to grow and when not pruned correctly will grow into a tall leggy looking plant. They can be cut back very hard during the winter in order to encourage new dense growth in the spring. This video will walk you through how and why to prune your roses.

Tools you will need:

  1. Sharp pair of pruners
  2. Leather gloves
  3. Tarp

We use Felco’s but any pair of sharp pruners will work. Make sure that they are clean and have been sanitized with bleach before pruning. Leather gloves will help protect your hands from the sharp thorns. Use a tarp to load up all the clippings. This will make quick work of disposing of the debris.

It is time to begin cutting back your rose once you have all of your tools. You will want to cut the roses back to between 8-18 inches off of the ground. Start by cutting everything off to that height. Once everything is even begin to selectively prune out any branches that are crossing over each other or growing to close together. The next step is to cut off any branches that are growing close to or touching the ground.

After you have cut everything off, throw all the clippings on a tarp and drag them to the area you will be disposing them. Check with your local city to see when if they pick up branches. We know that the city of Watkinsville collects debris every week. Use this link if you live in Clarke county to find out when your Athens leaf and limb pickup is.

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