1. Organic Lawn Care: Best Chemical-Free Weed Control Methods

    In a hot and humid climate such as we have here in Georgia, it’s more important than ever to maximize the time we spend outdoors on lawn care tasks. An increasing number of health-conscious homeowners are gravitating towards organic lawn care methods, including natural methods of weed control.  But many individuals, however eco-friendly they may be, are equally dissuaded from this chemical-free…Read More

  2. A close-up photo of tall green grass with small flowers. Photo by Utsman Media on Unsplash.

    Best Weed Control Practices For Your Lawn

    Spring is a wonderful time of year when blossoms peek up through the cracks of thawing soil and small sprouts of green grass make their return to open spaces. All is peaceful and lovely — until the inevitable weed appears in your lawn! It seems no matter how much you prepare or how much effort you put into watering, the green of the grass is always overshadowed by an ugly invasion of unwanted we…Read More

  3. Reasons Why Your Weed Control Efforts May Not Be Working, Part II

    If you want to have a beautiful lawn that will make your neighbors jealous, you definitely do not want weeds popping up in various spots. Weeds, such as clover, dandelions, crabgrass take away from the overall appeal — as well as enjoyment — of your lawn.  At Restoration Landscape, we specialize in weed control services in Athens, GA and the surrounding areas. Our lawn care experts know how t…Read More

  4. Reasons Why Your Weed Control Efforts May Not Be Working

    When it comes to lawn care in Athens, GA, nothing gets in the way of a beautiful lawn and landscape than unsightly weeds. Weeds popping up throughout the season are an eyesore and they are sure to take away from the overall beauty — and the enjoyment — of your lawn.  Even if you have went on Google and searched ‘the best way to remove weeds’, there always seems to be some stubborn weeds t…Read More