Fertilization and Weed Control in Athens, GA

Your lawn is an important part of your home. It is the first thing you see each day when you come and go, the first thing that your guests see, and the only thing most of your neighbors ever see. If you are like most people, then you spend a significant amount of time keeping the inside of your home organized and clean, and often, you end up running out of time to properly take care of the outside of your home. Don’t let the stress of taking care of your lawn prevent you from enjoying it anymore. As one of the few full-service lawn care companies in Athens, we would like to help you have that lush, green grass that gives you a sense of calm when you walk outside and helps you enjoy your whole home. This calm and enjoyment starts with a good fertilization and weed control service.

8 Round Fertilization and Weed Control Schedule

  1. Your first round will be a pre/post emergent application. This will kill off any winter weeds in the lawn and prevent the emergence of any new weeds. There will be a small amount of fertilizer in this round to encourage root growth before the heat of summer arrives.
  2. The second round of weed killing in early spring will consist of pre/post emergent weed control products. This application is vital to keeping those pesky summer weeds like crabgrass from growing in your lawn. This round of weed control service will include your first round of fertilizer to help the lawn wake up from the winter.
  3. This early summer round will be a organic-based, slow-release mix of fertilizer that will ensure both deep roots and a beautiful, dense, and green lawn. Any weeds that are present will be treated with a post-emergent weed killer.
  4. During the middle of the summer we will apply another round of organic based slow release fertilizer specially formulated to help your lawn handle the heat and drought stress of summer. We will continue to treat any weeds that are present in the lawn.
  5. The last round of organic-based fertilizer for the summer is applied in this round of weed control. The nutrients that are put in the soil during this round will be crucial to help your lawn the following spring. It will help prevent dead spots come early spring. Any weeds in the lawn will be treated again.
  6. Your first round of fall pre-emergent will go out in the early fall. This round helps prevent the winter weeds that you begin to see in December such as henbit, poa annua, chickweed, and other unwanted weeds found in northeastern Georgia. This round will have a high potassium fertilizer to ensure your Athens lawn is growing deep roots.
  7. The final round of pre-emergent weed killing will go out to prevent those pesky winter weeds from germinating. The round will also include a post-emergent to eliminate any early germinating weeds.
  8. The last round of the year will be a lime application. Lime helps correct the pH in your soil. Improper pH levels prevent your lawn from using the nutrients that will be applied to your lawn during the growing season. This round is crucial to healthy soil and turf.

Our Fertilization & Weed Control Process

  • 4 Pre/Post Emergent Applications w/ Fertilizer
  • 3 Organic Based Fertilizers with Minor Nutrients
  • 1 Lime Application to Help Adjust pH
  • 1 Soil Sample
  • Post Emergent Applications as Needed

Your 8-round lawn care program will start with a visual inspection of your lawns current condition. We will then send a sample of your soil to a laboratory to get an in depth understanding of your soil’s health and your lawn’s needs. These two vital pieces of information will help us create a customized lawn care program that will be designed to create a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Our fertilization and weed control program will involve 8 rounds of scheduled treatments. A trained technician will be out every 5-8 weeks to treat your lawn. Weeds in the lawn are often a sign of a malnourished lawn. Because of this, our attention will be focused on the health of your soil. Healthy soil helps encourage healthy grass growth, while discouraging weed growth.


Fertilization feeds your grass nutrients for health. Proper amounts of nutrients are necessary to give it a lush and green appearance. Too much or too little fertilizer will do harm to your lawn. Too much fertilization causes disease issues, while too little will leave the grass looking sparse and more inviting to weeds.

Fertilization will go down throughout the growing season. We use organic-based fertilizers because they are environmentally friendly and help feed the soil’s organisms, giving you a healthier lawn to showcase your Georgia residence.

Weed Control

Weeds in the lawn are not only unsightly, but they often cause the grass to thin out. They compete with your grass for valuable resources like nutrients and water. Weeds appear throughout the year, but there are certain times that they are more likely to begin growing. Our Athens lawn care company uses specially-formulated chemicals that will inhibit new weeds from growing. This chemical needs to be put out at least two times during the year–once in late winter/early spring and once in early fall.

Occasionally, weeds will still make it past the pre-emergent. When this happens, we will apply a selective weed killer to any weeds in the lawn that will not damage the grass.

Time and Communication

As the soil improves, your lawn will require less chemicals. This will take time. We will walk you through the process and communicate what we are doing to create the beautiful lawn you desire.

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Why use one yard care company for all your needs?

Do you find it difficult communicating between two separate companies for your lawn’s weed control and maintenance? Are mowing crews and spray technicians showing up on the same day? Is your lawn not looking as good as it should? All of these can be common problems when you don’t use a full-service lawn care company. Restoration Landscape Company is one of the few licensed and insured complete lawn care companies serving Athens, Bogart, and Watkinsville. With our 8 round fertilization and weed control program, combined with our weekly lawn maintenance, you will have peace of mind knowing that all of your lawn care needs are being addressed in a timely, professional, and scientific manner.

If you are interested in pursuing one company for all of your lawn’s needs, continue reading for more benefits that it brings to your lawn and your family. By using only one company, you receive:

  • *Weekly lawn inspections when the crew is mowing. Companies that only provide weed/pest control only see the lawn every 6-8 weeks. A lot can happen during that time. All of our maintenance crews are trained to look for and recognize nutrient, weed, and disease issues.
  • *Easy communication with the same office staff. Billing is run through the same system.
  • *Trusting and building a relationship with only one company that can learn your specific needs and desires for your lawn.
  • *Personalized care is given to the lawn. Chemicals should not be applied on the same day that the lawn is mowed. When using two companies, they don’t know each other’s schedules and it is often not possible for them to alter their schedule due to the other servicing your lawn on the same day. This causes the fertilizer and weed control to be less effective, giving you less than desired results and wasting your time and money.
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Additional Yard Care Services


We offer deep core aeration during the summer for yards with Bermuda, Zoysia, or Centipede grass. All core aeration is done by removing a 3” plug of soil from the yard. This allows water, air, and nutrients to reach the root zone of the grass. It also improves drainage and reduces compaction. Aeration should be done annually for the best looking and healthiest lawns.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are a problem in Georgia. At best, their mounds are unsightly, and at worse, they are a serious health risk. Their mounds destroy the grass where they are built and leave a bare area for weeds to take over. It is best to pre-treat for fire ants and then only treat as-needed as problems arise. Using a complete lawn care company in Athens means that the crew can treat any fire ant mounds when they come out to mow every week/every other week.

Lawn ​Disease Control

All turf suffers from disease at some point in its life. The key to disease control is proper and timely identification. Our crews will be looking for any signs of disease every time they visit your home. Each disease requires a different response. We will notify you of any issues we find and discuss a treatment plan based on the specific disease.

There’s no better place to turn than Restoration Landscaping Company for weed control service in Athens! Get your free estimate today!