1. A Brief History of Landscape Design

    Landscaping might sound like a modern art form — after all, how could we have practiced yard maintenance and lawn care before the days of high-powered mowers?  But surprisingly, landscaping history has roots that extend much further back than most people realize, whether they’re avid gardeners or amateur plant enthusiasts.  This article will provide a brief overview of the lush history of la…Read More

  2. Important Fall Lawn Care Tips

    We are well into fall, and while the days are shorter, you can still enjoy a beautiful lawn if you properly care for it! Fall is not only the time of year for football, apple cider, and pumpkin-flavored treats, it is also the time of year that homeowners need to begin preparing their lawns and gardens for winter. If you are the one who takes pride in a lush, green lawn in the springtime, then be a…Read More

  3. Steps For Choosing The Best Lawn Care Company

    When it comes to weekly lawn mowing and other tedious lawn maintenance tasks, it can be difficult to find the time and effort to get outside and do the work right. Work, running errands, and other obligations make it easy to put off lawn care, which can actually hurt your lawn more  than you may think.  Neglecting regular lawn care, especially in the seasons that it is needed most, can compromis…Read More

  4. The Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

    A proper lawn care routine is essential in order to keep your lawn looking lush, green, and healthy. If you want a healthy, good-looking lawn, lawn mowing alone will not do the trick. You have to feed it, too. In order to survive and thrive, your lawn needs the right nutrients. While soil, sun, and water provide some nutrients for your lawn, lawn fertilizer can supplement the balance of nutrients …Read More

  5. 4 Tips For A Better-Looking Lawn

    Your lawn is typically one of the first things people see when passing your home. A well-manicured, attractive yard is quite pleasing to the eye and certainly signifies that your Athens lawn is top-notch. With a bit of time and effort, you can have the lawn that everyone on the block envies. Now that it’s spring, it is the perfect time to get started on that process and to help, we are going to …Read More

  6. Welcome To Our Landscaping Blog

    Hello, and we officially welcome you to Restoration Landscape Company’s new website and blog! As Athens’ Top Rated Local® lawn care service, we offer the solutions you need to turn your yard into your own private paradise. Our landscaping contractors are thrilled to begin blogging, sharing landscaping and lawn care tips to help your yard look so good that your neighbors will be jealous! Befor…Read More