1. A close-up photo of tall green grass with small flowers. Photo by Utsman Media on Unsplash.

    Best Weed Control Practices For Your Lawn

    Spring is a wonderful time of year when blossoms peek up through the cracks of thawing soil and small sprouts of green grass make their return to open spaces. All is peaceful and lovely — until the inevitable weed appears in your lawn! It seems no matter how much you prepare or how much effort you put into watering, the green of the grass is always overshadowed by an ugly invasion of unwanted we…Read More

  2. The 4 Reasons Your Lawn Looks So Bad

    Okay, let’s be honest: your lawn has seen better days. After a long, hard winter and lots of cold weather, your grass is probably closer to lemon-colored than it is lush. But the first step to finding a yard maintenance solution is identifying the problems that started the decay in the first place. Thanks to more than thirty years of experience in the lawn care industry, the professionals at Res…Read More

  3. Green banana plants in front of a decorative entrance to a home's front patio. Pink flowers by the trees. Photo by vnwayne fan on Unsplash.

    DIY Landscaping Tips for the Spring Season

    DIY landscaping is one of the most popular trends among lawn-savvy homeowners, but it can be difficult to discern how best to manage your time and money. At Restoration Landscape Company in Athens, GA, we know the tips and tricks to maximize efficiency in landscaping.  In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of our top insider recommendations. Read on to learn how you can beautify your l…Read More

  4. A Brief History of Landscape Design

    Landscaping might sound like a modern art form — after all, how could we have practiced yard maintenance and lawn care before the days of high-powered mowers?  But surprisingly, landscaping history has roots that extend much further back than most people realize, whether they’re avid gardeners or amateur plant enthusiasts.  This article will provide a brief overview of the lush history of la…Read More