Not only are weeds unwelcome intruders on your lawn, but they often are the culprit for causing the grass to thin out. As weeds spread across your lawn, they compete for the water, space, sunlight, and nutrients your grass needs to flourish. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t realize that watering and mowing their lawn only speeds up the growth and spread of weeds. And before you know it, your once well-maintained yard will become ridden with unsightly weeds. 


Weeds, while parasitic, are opportunistic plants in a way, meaning they will grow just about anywhere they can find space to send down their roots and soak up the nutrients they need to thrive. Weed seeds come in abundance and from a variety of sources. What’s more, their seeds also have the ability to lay dormant in soil for years before germinating. When actively growing, weeds produce thousands of seeds per plant and scatters them throughout the season — no wonder why they spread so fast! Weather factors such as wind and rain can help pesky weeds spread, too. Other reasons that weeds may be sprouting in your yard include poor soil conditions or inefficient lawn mowing. 


While not all weeds can cause damage to landscapes, others are extremely aggressive and destructive. And, if proper control measures are not taken, certain species of these parasitic plants can overtake an entire yard in a very short period of time. As mentioned, when weeds invade your lawn, they compete with healthy green grass for water, sunlight, and nutrients. When weeds are present and soaking in all of the lawns nutrients that would otherwise encourage growth, the grass plants become weakened, making your lawn susceptible to other issues such as browning, drought, and pest infestations. And, because weeds compete for space, a single weed can soon turn into a horde that took over what was once a lush and green lawn. In addition to weed control, lawn fertilization is essential. Fertilization will help the soil quality and strength of the grass plants in your yard.


Weeds are a lawn eyesore that are difficult to control. As mentioned, weeds can spread quickly and stopping them from germinating is essential if you want to have a chance to defend your yard from these pesky plants. Fortunately, the professionals at Restoration Landscape Company are weed control experts! We have been eradicating weeds in the area for years and our team has the experience needed to keep your lawn pristine and free of weeds year-round. As one of the best weed control services, we set a high standard, and that includes using only the most effective techniques and highest quality products when treating your lawn. Our weed control process is done in conjunction with lawn fertilization and uses strategically-timed applications throughout the year that are formulated to eliminate existing weeds, while preventing future ones as well. Let’s take a look at the seasonal weed control applications we offer:


The springtime is perhaps the most important time of the year for weed control practices. During the Spring, we apply a special-formulated pre-emergent weed control. This will help keep grassy weeds — like crabgrass and a handful of broadleaf weeds —from popping up in your lawn. We also apply fertilizer to promote healthy green grass going into the summer season. 


The summertime is the ideal time for lawn fertilization. Our experts will apply an organic-based, slow-release fertilizer mixture to help your lawn maintain a crisp, green appearance during the dog days of summer. If any weeds survived the pre-emergent application of the Spring, they will be taken care of accordingly. 


Fall is another important time of year for weed control treatments. Proper weed control during the fall season will help fight off the upcoming winter weeds such as henbit, poa annua, chickweed, and other unwanted weeds found in northeastern Georgia. Additionally,  fertilizer will be applied to harden and strengthen root systems for the upcoming cooler winter temperatures.


Applications during the winter are designed to maintain color and improve soil conditions over the sometimes harsh Athens, GA, winters. Plus, ignoring winter pre-emergent weed control sets you up for a spring and summer filled with extra work pulling weeds from your yard. Winter pre-emergent weed control treatments will typically need to be applied before the ground temperatures rise past 50 degrees. In Georgia, this often happens by March 1st; so, don’t delay — schedule weed control service before it’s too late!

If taken continuously throughout the year, our weed control treatment will deliver you the lush, weed-free lawn you have always pictured. Rather than having to deal with the annoying, unsightly weeds that plague your yard, let our lawn care company to take care of it for you.

Contact Restoration Landscape Company For Weed Control In Athens, GA

At first sight of weeds in your lawn, rather than grabbing your phone and searching ‘weed control near me’, save yourself some time and contact the professionals at Restoration Landscape Company! Our Athens lawn care company uses specially-formulated chemicals that will inhibit new weeds from growing. This chemical needs to be applied at least two times during the year–once in late winter/early spring and once in early fall, but applications each season will help ensure you keep your yard weed-free. To request a free consultation, contact our weed control experts today!