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Athens, GA Local Lawn Care Like No Other

Click below for a free quote for quality, locally-owned and operated fertilization, weed, pest, and disease control for your lawn.

Saturday Football Games. Rolling Foothills.
North Campus Picnics.
Downtown Dinners.

Many things make Athens a beautiful place to live, and your yard helps make your home a beautiful place to be. At Restoration Lawn Care, we have designed our lawn care services specifically for our area and crafted them with our families in mind. 

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Locally-owned and operated by a veteran

No contracts (ever!)

Automatic payments

Consistent and timely communication with service information videos and with who will be on your property

Don't leave your lawn's health up to just anybody.

Neighborhood Athens Georgia home with a sidewalk and green grass fertilized and cared for by Restoration Lawn Care

A relationship built on trust, communication, and green grass 

You nurture and protect your home so that it can be an oasis for you, your family, and your friends. At Restoration Lawn Care, we want to nurture and care for your lawn and home in this way too, beginning with the soil and with establishing our partnership with our clients. Your family and your trust are important to us. 


We believe that all lawns need special and unique care, depending on the surroundings, the type of grass, and what kind of care it has received in the past. This is why we train our techs to identify types of grasses, weeds, and diseases so that we can deliver quality care for your unique lawn with the best products. Our Athens lawn care programs focus first on soil health and building up the nutrients with organic matter so that there can be beautiful and healthy grass for generations to come. 


Building trust with our clients is a top priority to us, and we believe that this begins with communication. We want to hear about your questions and problems with your yard and we promise to communicate with you - with an informational video before each treatment, with a picture of who will be taking care of your property for each weed control and fertilization service, with the times we will be on your property, and with things that you can be looking out for in your grass.


Whether you live in Five Points, the Eastside or Westside, Boulevard, Cobbham, or Normaltown, we’re ready to serve you so that you can get back to enjoying your lawn.

 Our Services 


Our fertilizers include organic matter that helps build up the soil's water-retaining properties and nutrient uptake. It also feeds microorganisms in the soil that are vital to a healthy lawn. 


This program ensures that you and your grass do not suffer from pests common like Fire ants, grubs, Fall Army Worms, and others. We do our best to stay up to date on pest issues in our area so that we don't over-treat and your yard stays looking its best.

Weed Control

When we say "weed control," we mean all weeds. No additional charges for difficult to kill weeds and no unneeded chemicals. We limit the amounts of chemicals by spot spraying weeds more often than blanket spraying the whole yard. 


Healthy grass needs space to absorb water, air, and nutrients, and aeration services offer just that. Our mechanical aerator rolls over grass, pulling out small plugs of soil and our liquid aeration compound opens space within the soil by using a spray-on solution. 


No more questionable and unsightly spots with this program. This program allows us to catch the problem before it gets out of hand and wreaks havoc in your beautiful grass.


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