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Fertilization & Weed Control

Have peace of mind knowing that your yard is staying healthy, beautiful, and weed-free with our special program designed by an Athens-based company for people who call the Athens area their home.

*Prices starting at $24.99 a month

Currently Serving Athens, Bogart, Hull, Watkinsville, & Winterville

Beautiful Lawn in Watkinsville, GA

Pay per treatment.
Results will keep you with us - not a contract. 

You will pay per treatment. That means you only pay when we come out to provide a service. You will never sign a contract because we believe that the results you see will make you want to stay with us - our goal is your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Fertilization to fit your lawn.

Our fertilizers include organic matter that helps build up the soil, its water retaining properties, nutrient uptake, and storage space for holding nutrients. It also feeds microorganisms in the soil that are vital to a healthy lawn. 

Weed Control designed with your yard & our environment in mind.

When we say weed control, we mean all weeds. No additional charges for difficult to kill weeds and no unneeded chemicals. Our goal is to limit the amount of chemicals used by spot spraying weeds more often than blanket spraying the whole yard. ​We aren’t perfect - some weeds will pop up, but we promise to treat them when they do. With our program, you will not pay extra for difficult weeds like Dallis Grass, Nutsedge, Crab Grass, Goose Grass, Virginia Buttonweed, and Dove Weed.

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What To Expect  For Each Round


January - February

Late winter and early spring weed pre-emergent

Post emergent weed control



Organic Based Fertilizer

Post emergent weed control


July - August

Organic Based Fertilizer

Post emergent weed control


October - November

Winter weed pre-emergent

Post emergent weed control


March - April

Crabgrass pre-emergent

Nutsedge prevention

Micro and Macro nutrients


June - July

Dove weed preventative

Organic based fertilizer

Post emergent weed control


September - October

Fall weed pre-emergent

Post emergent weed control


December - January

Lime application

Post emergent weed control



Core Aeration

Grass needs space to absorb water, air, and nutrients, and this gives it just that. Our mechanical aerator rolls over grass, pulling out small plugs of soil to allow grass to grow to its fullest potential. For cool-season grass, do this in the fall. For warm-season grass, do this in the late spring.

One Time Pest Control

Have fire ants, grubs, Fall Army Worms, Sod Web Worms, Cinch Bugs, or something else popped up in your yard? We offer a one-time service to rid your yard of the problem. 

Liquid Aeration

This process is like our Core Aeration, but without pulling out plugs of soil. We apply a compound that opens up space in the soil for it to absorb nutrients, plus you don't have to mark irrigation heads and utility lines.

One Time Disease Control

Have you noticed a brown patch on your lawn? We can come out and treat it on a one-time basis.  


After the summer has worn out your Fescue lawn, let us overseed it during the fall for lush green grass to enjoy during the rest of the year.

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