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7 Questions to Ask a Lawn Care Company When Getting an Estimate for Fertilization and Weed Control

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Whether you just decided to begin treating your yard for the first time or have found yourself dissatisfied with your current lawn care provider, we want to help you find a great fertilization and weed control provider in the Athens area.

Photo Source: Merrill Landscape Services

Where to begin?

Begin research on each company

Once you have a few company names, take the time to research them. Start by looking at their online reputation on sites like Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Facebook to see if others have found them trustworthy. Next, look at their website to learn more about them. If you still find their service and business attractive, then call or fill out an online request form if they have one.

I have received estimates from different companies, but how do I know which is the best choice?

Some homeowners will simply look at the price and go with the cheapest because they think that all the companies are the same. “They’re just fertilizing my lawn and preventing weeds; they can’t be that different, right?” Wrong. Just like most businesses, each company offers a unique level of service and client experience. We recommend finding the answers to these questions below to find out which lawn care company is for you. Remember, there are no questions for them to get correct; the goal is to find out who is the best fit.

1. What services do they offer, and do they require a contract?

  • Do you want a company that does everything (mowing, fertilizing, landscaping, etc.), or do you want a company that specializes in fertilization and weed control?

  • Do they require a one year contract, or can you cancel at any time?

2. How do they communicate with their clients?

  • Do they notify clients before they come out to do treatments?

  • Do they notify the clients as soon as they finish with the treatments?

  • Do they give recommendations and tips to help improve your lawn?

  • Will they be calling often to try and upsell you?

3. What Guarantee do they have?

  • What happens if you are not satisfied with their service?

  • Do they have a money-back guarantee?

  • Do they have a service guarantee?

4. What will they treat your lawn with?

  • Will they charge extra to treat difficult weeds?

  • Will they apply a fully synthetic fertilizer, organic-based fertilizer with bio-solids, or a completely organic fertilizer?

  • Will they take the time to spray individual weeds whenever they see them or blanket spray your whole yard?

  • How do they prevent weeds like nutsedge and dove weed?

5. How does billing work?

  • Do they accept credit cards, or do they only accept cash and check?

  • Do they have an online portal where you can pay, or do you have to call them or mail a check each time?

  • Do they bill monthly, annually, or after each treatment?

6. Are their employees background checked, trained, and uniformed?

  • What vetting process do they have for new employees?

  • How are they trained?

  • Will you know who the technician is, or will it be someone different every time?

7. How will they handle a complaint?

  • How quickly will they respond to a complaint or question?

  • Will they come back out to retreat right away, or will they wait until the next scheduled treatment?

  • Are they a national chain that follows specific protocols, or are they a local company or branch that can respond as they see fit?

If you'd like to see if we are the best fit for you, please contact us at or click here.

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