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Fall Fire Ants

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Why are fire ant mounds popping up during the fall?! Up until the fall, ants have been further down in the ground all summer. They move up to the surface with the cooler temperatures and increased moisture in the soil; they move deeper into the soil during the extreme heat and cold. The best times to treat them are during the early fall and spring while the ants are near the surface actively foraging.

There are two ways to treat them - with a broadcast and/or mound treatments. Broadcast treatments treat the whole lawn and mound treatments are applied to each individual mound. For a homeowner, the best method is a two-step process where you broadcast treat throughout the whole lawn, and then treat future breakthroughs or larger mounds individually.

At Restoration Lawn Care, we offer a fire ant treatment that controls ants for up to one year in the Athens and Northeast Georgia area. Click the link below for an estimate or email us at

Ant Interesting Facts🤓

- There are 2 types of fire ant groups in our area - single queen mounds and multiple queen mounds. Single queen mounds are more territorial, so you will not have as many on your lawn, but multiple queen mounds can be a network of dozens of mounds throughout a small area.

- Both types of mounds will move locations when disturbed.

- Queen ants can live up to 7 years!

- Worker ants only live about 5 weeks.

For more fire ant reading:

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