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Spiky Balls are in My Grass!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021


Spring is almost here, and your kids are ready to run barefoot through the yard. We've heard this story countless times from dog owners and parents and grandparents alike: It is a beautiful day; the sun is out, and everyone is playing, but then someone steps on a spiky little ball. Ouch. We all know what happens next when that spiky ball sticks into the skin - lots of tears. The kids are scared to run around barefoot on the lawn, and the dog brings pokey things into the house.

What are these spiky little devil balls?

Source: UGA Extension

The culprit is the hardened fruiting body of Lawn Burweed. Lawn Burweed is a winter annual which means that it begins to grow during the winter months. As soon as spring arrives, the seed head will start forming. Those seeds harden off to become the prickly little balls that hurt so much.

How do I prevent Lawn Burweed?

Since they are a winter annual, a pre-emergent in the fall will prevent them from growing. Prodiamine and Specticle G are both quality options to put down no later than November.* Without a pre-emergent, you can not stop them from growing, but you can still prevent them from turning into hard spiky seeds before the spring and summer.

If you missed the pre-emergent application, a post-emergent herbicide still gets rid of them, but timing is crucial. Once the seed body hardens off into spiky balls, you can not get rid of them for that year. Apply a post-emergent no later than mid to late March. Most common weed control products from your local big-box store will work as a post-emergent.*

We guarantee that your kids, grandkids, and furry friends will thank you for making your grass barefoot-ready this spring! Lawn Burweed control is a part of our fertilization and weed control subscription. If you would like us to take care of this pain in the foot, visit our website for a free estimate.

Source: UGA Extension

*Read the label before using any chemicals so that you have proper safety gear and that it is safe to use on your lawn. Securely store any chemicals that you purchase.


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