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Operation Restoration Aeration

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Photo Credit: Lawn Starter

Throughout the year, your grass and soil get compacted by foot traffic and rain and the grass cuttings and other debris get matted down (called thatch), not allowing the soil to absorb water, nutrients, and air properly. One thing to counteract this to insure healthier grass is Core Aeration. This process uses a machine that pulls out plugs of grass and soil, making it possible for needed water, air, and nutrients to reach the grass’s roots.

Image Credit: Lawn Love

Spike Aeration is another way to manually aerate your lawn, but we highly discourage our clients against this method for a few reasons:

- the spikes do not actually remove any soil or thatch, further compacting the soil making the absorption problem worse in the long run.

- in order for the spikes of the machine to go down in the soil, the machine has to weigh a lot, also compacting the soil

When should I aerate my warm season grass?

You should aerate when the grass begins to green up for the growing season - April and May in Athens, Georgia and her surrounding areas. This should be something that is done annually. If this is something that you skip, problems will begin to show up during the hot summer, beginning with brown patches due to lack of water reaching the roots.

What do I do with the pulled out cores / plugs after aeration?

Nothing! They will break down in the rain and after a mowing or two.

Photo Credit: Spring Green Lawn Care

At Restoration Lawn Care...

We truly believe that beautiful grass is healthy grass, and health begins in the soil. This is why we encourage aeration. When we’re called out to aerate a lawn, we call 811 to have all of your utility lines marked; you will only need to mark any irrigation heads, invisible dog fencing, valve boxes, etc.

Are you interested in core aeration for your lawn?

CLICK BELOW for a free online estimate.

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1 Comment

david plummer
david plummer
Sep 07, 2022

Restoration Lawn Care is the best provider of this service I have ever had! I have used national firms that try to sell things that are not needed, which led me to distrust those providers. With Restoration Lawn Care I have complete trust!

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